USSA New York Steelband Panorama 2002







Order of Appearance  
1 Pantonic 263 Ben Lion Clive Bradley 3rd
2 Marsicans 259 Fire Storm Pelham Goddard 5th
3 Sonatas 246 Fire Storm Winston Gordon 2nd
4 Dem Stars 235 Music For The Soul Jason "Peanuts" Isaac 7th
5 Sesame Flyers 224 Savannah On Fire Nicholas Mohan 4th
6 Adlib 213.5 Fire Storm Ruben Nelson 1st
  7 NY Nutones/
213 Pan Manís Cry Lyndon Spencer, Collins Jackman 8th
8 Caribbean Youth Panoramics 210 Sweet Ramona Joseph "Franklin" Gerald 6th
  Results provided by USSA Chairman Keith Marcell

Held at Thomas Jefferson High School Athletic Complex... August 31, 2002

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