New York
September 9, 2003

Pan In New York 2003 CD
 - Ready and Available


Seven of this year’s New York panorama participants are featured in the Basement Recordings annual recording of steelbands on the Pan in New York 2003! CD.  It features panyard recordings of the bands in the final days of their panorama preparations which in itself is a unique experience.

The CD continues a history of impeccable Steelpan audio and visual capturings.  Some of the bands featured include this year’s Panorama champions, Pantonic, along with Radoes, Sonatas, Marsicans, ADLIB, Women In Steel and Caribbean Youth Panoramics.

The audio, as with all of Basement Recordings products, is impeccable.  Those interested in acquiring the Pan In New York 2003! CD may do so directly from the bands featured on the CD.  For more details go to:





Pantonic:  1-718-421-2042                                       
ADLIB 1-516-623-4061                                           

 Women In Steel:  1-718-629-2471                         



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For more information, contact:

Basement Recordings
Tel: 1-718-485-7120
Email: NewYorkPan1@hotmail.comt



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