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Global Steelpan Music News

New York - May  2005

Global Steelpan Music News (GSMN) has quickly established itself as the online version of the "CNN" of steelpan music news - 'Steelpan news from any where in globe at a moment's notice.'  GSMN is a division of the already highly popular  website.

The steelpan is the only instrument invented in the last century and the growing interest in it, has been demonstrated by a mercuric rise in its popularity globally.  This large and growing community is in need of constant,  moment-to-moment news. The instrument once associated mainly with the Caribbean and island festivals has spread to every region in the world.  Moreover, it is quickly becoming the instrument of choice as it has a special attractiveness to young people.  Global Steelpan Music News' (GSMN) ability to source information on steelpan activities in even the most remote areas, has allowed it to quickly establish itself as a favorite for the steelpan internet surfers, of which the young, technologically-savvy generation make up a large segment. The site has allowed the steelpan world the ability to connect with each other in ways not previously possible.  The steelpan instrument is currently sweeping across institutions of higher learning, K-12, and primary through secondary school level music programs in North America and Europe.

GSMN is one of the most important news sources for steelpan-related activities.  It's news section delivers information on a constant 24-hour basis, with it's own special events coverage and exclusive interviews.  Through it's identification of current and existing news media, it provides sustained, and up-to-the-minute coverage.  GSMN has become a favorite of steelpan music educators, and steelpan luminaries such as Robert Greenidge, Pelham Goddard, Andy Narell, Liam Teague and Clive Bradley among many others. 

Global Steel Pan News is part of the already well-established super steelpan website When Steel Talks.  It addresses and features a wide cross-section of the Steelpan population of varied backgrounds.  The steelpan music industry has shown phenomenal growth in the last couple of years.  Major orchestras have now become common place on most campuses in the United States.  Indeed the steelpan instrument is quickly becoming a resident staple and part of the North American music scene. 

The music entertainment and travel industries pay particular attention to the GSMN as its information translates directly to economic advantages and financial windfalls.  Global Steelpan Music News - GSMN ( specializes in providing historical data, current facts, figures and trivia, and also utilizes the necessary rich multi media technology in the delivery of its content. For example the recent GSMN special tribute to Women and Steelpan received high praise from the performing arts, educational, historical and cultural sectors from around the world.

News featured on GSMN also identifies new and potential talents, and shares these, in addition to pan-related new discoveries and developments, with the rest of the world.  In this category, for example, major movement within the steelpan world has also been ongoing in Europe and Japan, and featured periodically on GSMN, which continues with its commitment to excellence in uplifting and informing  the global pan community.

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