Those who attended the Steelband Business Seminar held on Sunday November 23, 2002 at Basement Recordings' studios had their eyes opened to the multiplicity of business "Do's and Don'ts" in the world of business opportunities - steelband business opportunities - that is.  The availability of financial resources from local business associations, and national and international corporations, and the ability for the steel orchestras to gain access to these resources, were just two of the areas for which key strategies were outlined. 


Urged to look upon the steelbands' musical output as viable ventures attractive to the investors at large, the group gained insight as to how to present their steel orchestras.  Emphasis was placed on the correct language, the necessity of comprehensive press kits, meeting preparedness and introductory approaches to key personnel of business conglomerates.  The untapped potential of the steel orchestras, their players and their music was laid out, and lucrative alliances that could be formed with educational institutions such as colleges and universities - were greeted with expressions of wonder.  The importance of documenting their product (recordings), controlling usage of their likeness - (unauthorized picture and video capturing by visitors to their pan yards, etc.), readiness of the bulk of their orchestras to perform in the same manner as regular music bands, and above all, the power of the Internet as a major tool to implement their business  - were just a few subjects addressed.


The attendees complimented themselves on their wisdom to take time out of their Sunday schedules to attend the Seminar when reviewing the wealth of information imparted in so short a period of time, just about two and a half hours.  Armed with their new-found "How To's", the steel orchestra representatives were enthused with their first project - preparation of a proper Press Kit for their respective bands.


Needless to say - all present wanted to know if and when more detailed Steelband Business workshops, dealing with the individual issues touched upon on in Sunday's seminar - were scheduled.   They left assured that the first sequel to Sunday's ground-breaking undertaking would come off within the next three weeks.  That segment, entitled FIRST CONTACT and will focus on the "Letter of Introduction" and "Preparation of the Proposal".


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