Pan People Adopt Wall $treet Attitude...


Attendees to the Sunday December 8 Business workshop - a follow up to the initial Basement Recordings Steelband Business seminar - comprised active New York Steelband management personnel, independent pan artistes and other musically minded individuals.


There was no talk of "sponsors", "panorama", "carnival", "notes", "iron", "steel" or even music...  The key words were:  marketing, business associates, mutually beneficial business relationships, deadlines, royalties, distribution, publishing, movies, contracts, market share, shelf life, annual reports, interactive multimedia business kits, budgets and creative financing.


Armed with a new aptitude and directive, the attending pan people and others in related businesses seem poised to meet Wall Street head-on to produce an economically viable and profitable business that is simultaneously financially stable.  Moreover they have moved in to position to take full advantage of the Entertainment, Education and Cultural collaborative business opportunities that their work routinely fosters.


With the knowledge that there are expanding markets on the world pan scene which have created the demand for product (Pan music) - and the increasing interest for pan music performances and knowledge of the pan instrument in places as far away as China, Japan and Europe, the workshop participants understood the necessity for employing a global perspective in their future initiatives.


This week's meeting (First Contact) concentrated on the formation of a multimedia kit, as part of the Proposal package, with particular emphasis on the impact of images and effective letter writing.


The next workshop (Direct Contact -- The negotiating of the deal) will have executives from the leading music manufacturers, advertising, financial, recording and entertainment industry critiquing the approach used by pan people to attract, hold the attention of, and seal partnerships with prospective business associates.  These executives will also impart information on what they are looking for and what their institutions would find attractive.


Call:  1-718-485-7120