Basement Launches Pan-On-the-Net Radio

A Model for Internet Content on Demand


New York - May 13,  2003


Basement Recordings launches Pan-On-The-Net Radio as part of its When Steel Talks global initiative toward the popularization of the Pan instrument, music and movement.



As part of its continued successful effort to impart existing and new technology to the African American Business and home communities, Basement Recordings has lead the way, themselves introducing these technologies directly to the end-users.



Certainly the steelband community is uniquely qualified to take advantage of the streaming media technology because of its niche market, rich availability of content, and steadfast loyalty of the fan base of the instrument and it's music.



Corporations, government and educational institutions are now seeing the value of rich media as a powerful communication tool.  The ability to utilize streaming media to deliver the content (audio and video components of pan performances) provides ample opportunity for business enterprises to exploit, and is an advertiser's gold mine.



When Steel Talks has already established itself as the most popular Steelpan music web location and also as a resource centre for the burgeoning Pan industry.  It's ongoing goal is to provide access to a growing and potentially lucrative market, together with a means for dissemination of information on the Pan Community - "When we promote Andy Narell's new recordings, we find the When Steel Talks site to be an effective way to reach his audience." - Mike Wilpizeski, Director - Jazz and Blues Publicity, Telarc, Heads Up International.



The website links the Steelpan community globally and promotes performances world wide, and the instrument currently enjoys a diverse and varied fan base.  As a result, pan connoisseurs from every geographical corner of the world, Botswana to Japan to Europe and the Americas, all tune in and actively contribute to the content of the When Steel Talks site.



Basement Recordings has already been using this streaming media technology to provide Pan music content, and to deliver historical and fascinating audio and video interviews with the pioneers of the Pan instrument.  This technological synergy serves as a fitting model for a new user-client advertisersí relationship, because of the ability to provide content-on-demand, and the relative costs compared to other modes of content distribution for education, entertainment and informing people.



Pan On The Net Radio is a natural segue from the initial Basement Recordings thrust which began with the Pan In New York website launch, and it's currently on line at  It's updated bi-weekly by the programme host, with the play list being augmented periodically with new material being submitted from artists world wide.



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