Steelband Music Recording Specialist

  • Compact Disc (CD)

    1. Tracking of Live performances - mobile/on location - we record at your venue
    2. Multi track digital audio mixing to Stereo
    3. Stereo Audio Master for CD Audio
    4. Mastering for CD
    - Format of delivery - 1 (80 minute) Compact Disc (CD)

    Basic packages start at:  USD $3,000.00
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  • Digital Video Disc (DVD)

    5. Capturing of live event, and Authoring of performance to Digital Video Disc (DVD) Master - mobile/on location - we record at your venue
    Format of delivery - 2 DVD 5s or 1 DVD 9 (HD (high definition) Format also available)

    Basic package - one camera, stereo mix starts at:  USD $2,500.00
    Basic package - two or more cameras, mutli-track recording starts at: