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New York - March 24, 2003


When Steel Talks is pleased to announce that six of Trinidad's world class steelbands have joined our growing list of musical organizations who have contracted our services to gain internet presences and world prominence, in addition to deploying global marketing strategies.

The groups are:  Phase II Pan Groove, Trinidad All Stars, birdsong, Tropical Angel Harps, Pan Knights and 2003 National Panorama Champions Exodus.  The membership of these musical organizations represents the best panists in the world.  Furthermore they are annual finalists in the prestigious National Steelband Panorama competition.  The Panorama is similar to the American Superbowl of football.  It attracts panists from every sector of the planet.

This increased visibility of the groups online will - (1) contribute to the growing awareness and popularity of the instrument, music and culture; (2) attract more entertainment venture capitalists; (3) increase market share of entertainment revenues; (4) bring desired musical products to market in a timely and profitable fashion and; (5) promote international world tours, and become musical staples in world musical performing arenas.

The six steelbands' online presence will facilitate ease of gathering booking information on them for world tours, live performances, recordings sessions by perspective music agents and performance organizations; provide instant access to the groups' management by perspective clients, in addition to immediate talent awareness globally.

In addition, fans will now have a means of following their groups and players throughout the year, and get to know more about the lives of the men, women and youths who play these pan instruments.  There will no longer be a 'seasonal' approach to  pan playing.  Fans of the steelband movement are extremely supportive and passionate about their favorite bands.

When Steel Talks has been extremely successful in affording the New York area steelbands with a global presence by providing current, useful and up to minute information to the print and electronic media worldwide, while simultaneously attracting a growing body of steelpan music fans.  When Steel Talks has become an instrumental tool in providing educational institutions with information about steelpan-related activities and history.

An added bonus to these newly-added music organizations, will be direct access to When Steel Talks' internet savvy and technical skills, marketing and promotional skill-set.  They will have access to state of the art video/audio multimedia facilities through its affiliate, Basement Recordings, Inc., which is respected as one of the best in the world at capturing steelband performances, and located in New York, which is referred to in business circles, as the "media (entertainment and arts) capital of the world".

"We intend to capture the full beauty and creative energies of these musical geniuses and present them in a medium that will not only allow the world to enjoy these breathtaking performances, but will also allow the panists to achieve and maintain economic and financial success throughout their careers".

The "Pan" was once limited in popularity to urban settings and touted as the instrument of the poor; it is now found in every cross section of life.  Indeed it has crossed and bridged geographic, religious, racial, cultural, language and economic barriers.  Pan notables and icons like Trinidad's Robert Greenidge, Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe, New York's Garvin Blake, and Denmark's Rudy 'Twoleft' Smith, among others, are known and respected world wide.


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