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The USSA Panorama 2001 concert CD, DVD and Video produced by Basement Recordings are the first ever, professionally captured commercially available recordings of Panorama in the United States and have generated incredible and unprecedented demand.  The CD and Video are now available, with the DVD being released January 2002.  They are not merely “entertainment” – but are historically significant, socially conscious, culturally liberating and barrier-breaking technological marvels.


From first sight, sound and taste, the mesmeric Panorama 2001 concert CD, DVD and Video showcase an audio quality and visual performances that surpass all other commercially available steel orchestra recordings.  Basement Recordings is recognized by the recording industry as the authority on the proper and accurate capturing and representation of steel band performances, and as the sole facility that possesses and applies the combination of skill sets and techniques in the proper measures, and identifies the proper equipment critical to this achievement.  Basement’s utilization of new and constantly emerging technologies has been documented in numerous articles which have been published in industry standard magazines on the application and implementation of these cutting-edge strategies and techniques.  Basement Recordings, has and continues to produce the best Steelband recordings to date.


The Basement Recordings-produced Panorama 2001 multimedia products mark an unparalleled epoch in the history of the Pan movement, and are a culmination of the exceptional and unprecedented level of cooperation among USSA and Band management and artists (pan players), in the obstacles that had to be overcome, and what it took to pull this first-time event together.


The United States Steelband Association has emerged as the preeminent governing body of US-based Steelband musical works, in the individual, small and large categories. The association has as its mandate - to bring to the attention of the world, the Steelpan as the premier instrument of the 20th century.  The USSA Panorama 2001 CD, DVD and Video are an invaluable musical and visual documentation of an historical event. 


The CD compilation of USSA Panorama’s concert performances is continuously receiving critical acclaim –not only for the steel bands’ performance, and the “capturing” technology utilized, but also because 2001 is undisputedly a banner year in terms of the musical arrangements.  The “big guns in the world of arrangers” e.g. Clive Bradley, Jit Samaroo, Pelham Goddard, exhibited some of their most magnificent works to date and showcased their pure genius.  The pan players’ subsequent interpretation, execution and complete musicianship of the selections – gave the 2001 Panorama a bumper crop of exhilarating Steelband arrangements and performances, the likes of which have not been heard or seen before, much less captured and accurately documented, and may never be collectively in one year, again.


Basement’s innovative new “Box-and-1” techniques both in terms of technology and approach were utilized to actually capture the 2001 Panorama concert recordings.  These established them as being unique in terms of authentic reproduction and clarity, and propelled Steelband music from the relatively obscure niche of the Panyard onto the World Stage.  The musical interpretations and performances, coupled with artistic execution and technical capturing expertise have made this album worthy of Grammy Award nomination consideration, while simultaneously changing expectations and redefining existing standards – similar to the feats accomplished by Michael Jackson’s "Thriller" video.


The USSA Panorama 2001 concert CD makes a musical statement which captures the energy and spirit of the people, power of the instruments and highlights the discipline and deftness of the Pan players, while significantly and simultaneously increasing the expectations  and visibility of instrumental and so-called “third world music”.


The elements of dance, music and theatre all come together in the USSA Panorama 2001 CD, DVD and Video.   Through dance - the ethereal communing and visual display of unity are seen in the synchronized spontaneity of the pan players’ movements.  In music - pan aficionados have the candor of a Harlem Apollo audience, tinged with the aplomb of lovers of Classical music with select palates, and the freedom of interpretation of Jazz music devotees, whose open-mindedness and acceptance of totally fresh sounds are significant – when you consider that two or more bands can play the same selection, but with different arrangements.  The theatrical aspects are the sense of visual drama portrayed by the synergy of pan players and their instruments through the stunning display of storytelling, choreography and unfolding musical plot, with all the fanfare of a Broadway musical.  The freshness of Hip Hop and the splendor of a show on a Paris runway unite into the pan players’ stylish sense of fashion. These elements all come together to trumpet an almost sacrosanct musical statement, sending all involved - pan players, and all live and subsequent (later) audiences soaring to heavenly musical heights.  Each band has the ability to touch certain chords in different people, from the die-hards who doggedly follow their band through thick and thin with an almost fanatical steadfastness, to those who are lost in exquisite ecstasy in the joy of the contrast of each individual band’s performance.


This joining of players and pan is tribal in nature, the highest form of human expression, and instinctive to our people dating back to ancient times; it is a manifestation of a sacred pantomime of expressive duels that are an almost territorial defense of honor, community and customs, as the bands battle to establish supremacy.


The USSA Panorama CD, DVD and Video are generating feverish interest as they are considered unique Mergeware for the marketing promotions of cutting edge multimedia playback hardware, and exclusively  positioned to take advantage of premium software, HDTV, Web, Cable, and Streaming Media.


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