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During the Easter break from school youngsters sometimes go on trips.  From Long Island, New York the youngsters who are members of the ADLIB Steel Orchestra had a 'trip' of a different kind on the eve of Friday 5 April, the last official weekday of their Easter break- their first on a recording session!

The ADLIB group, aged approximately between 10 and 15 years - laid down tracks for their very first CD and shot video for their upcoming DVD.  Bristling with nervous energy tinged with heightened anticipation, the youngsters tensely awaited the 'count' from their drummer to begin.  When it came, the steel orchestra launched into what was to be a spirited and exquisitely executed set of about eight Pan selections for their debut CD and DVD.  They handled arrangements of traditional 'soca' hits along with those of 'pop' and 'contemporary' pieces with style and aplomb.  The piece of music heard with this Press Release is from this recording session.

Still basking in the glory of being adjudged the third best steel orchestra in New York, and perhaps in all of North America at the USSA 2001 Panorama, ADLIB's exuberant recording session was yet another soul stirring experience as the youngsters declared their musical heritage and pride.  Their 2001 Panorama performance is available on the USSA Panorama CD.

Undaunted young ladies commandeered Nine Bass Pans, while their not-to-be outdone band mates on the (Six and Tenor) Basses played expertly and danced through their paces.  A well-tuned, piercing Tenor and Double Second section of girls and boys enlivened the frontal line-up, even as young men dexterously and meticulously handled the complex Four Pans, with ADLIB 's driving guidance coming from their pulsating percussionists. 

This 'capturing' session was filled with moments of one-one-one musical interactions amongst the players, for example when a  particularly 'sweet' section of a piece of music was up, some were entranced in the 'musical moment' - interacting with and playing directly to particular band mates. 

ADLIB youngsters became one with their instruments as they brought forth from their respective Pan(s) the sweetness of melodies and harmonies with a range of sound from the thundering basses to the interchanging harmonic middle sections and melodious top lines.

With no musical hang-ups, just youthfully uninhibited, the orchestra seized a variety of selections and made onlookers gasp with their steel renditions; in short - ADLIB simply delivered.  The world at large is soon to experience over and over again, the abilities of these youngsters, and their sweet sounds on steel through their soon-to-be released CD and DVD.  ADLIB set the pace for what is becoming the norm in the New York Pan world - Pan Players laying claim to their Pan heritage, with their musical excellence in the full glare of the spotlight on the world stage, as they put the globe on notice - as the originators and only true masters of the intricacies of the Steel Band instrument.

ADLIB, occupied with an ongoing calendar of engagements, will soon begin preparations for competition in the  upcoming 2002 New York Panorama.  With their recording session, the ADLIB pre-teens and teens have quite an enviable experience under their belt as they return to school and continue to excel in that arena.  Their Basement Recordings produced CD and DVD - will crystallize the fruits of their musical labors and attest to their excellence in this field, even as they continue their scholastic  achievements.

By CP - Basement Press Release Writer

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April 28, 2002

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