In June 1996 the ADLIB Steel Orchestra Youth Cultural organization was established.  The organization's mission is to teach children how to play this traditional instrument, to educate them on the culture of Trinidad and Tobago and to provide early exposure in playing music at a professional level.

Through the evolution of the ADLIB Steel Orchestra, they have developed a passion for bringing to the pan not only tunes native to Trinidad and Tobago, but also those of other cultures.  The band's repertoire includes various styles from reggae, soca, calypso, latin, jazz, gospel and R&B. For many the band is like a second family as the members all enjoy being a part of it.

The group's organizers are Franklin and Jean Mayers, Neville Gaskin, Jackson Headley, Fitz Worrell and Ralph Branche.  Music is arranged by Stephen Sampson (also ADLIB's percussionist), Ruben Nelson and Harold Headley.  As ADLIB is extremely innovative, Fitz and Patrick Worrell manufacture and tune all the band's pan instruments.  They also manufacture and tune on a commercial basis for other steel orchestras.

The band has been featured on Fox 5, Channel 7 and Channel 12.  They have also placed high in the Brooklyn J'Ouvert competition and were third place winners in New York's 2001 Panorama competition.

For the year 2002 the band has big plans.  ADLIB will maintain their successful track record, and will continue to teach youngsters about the fascinating steel drum and culture of Trinidad and Tobago.

ADLIB's captain Franklin Mayers, junior captains Lisa Mayers & Shanelle County, manager Ralph Branche, 'Aunty Jean' & all the proud parents continually dedicate their time and patience.  With professionalism and a wholehearted giving of their talent and time, ADLIB's youthful pan players are the main ingredient that makes the band the success that it is.

ADLIB's website is

Contact:  Franklin Mayers, Director   (516) 377-8753; (516) 623-4061

Manufacturers & Tuners: 
Patrick Worrel   (868) 646-5096
Fitz Worrel   (516) 485-4694


ADLIB (516) 377-8753


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ADLIB's  CD is AVAILABLE!   Call FRANKLIN & JEAN MAYERS at the contact numbers on this page...    Call them also for hiring ADLIB for musical engagements...   The 'Young Blood' flowing through the veins of New York's Pan Scene....   ADLIB are also commercial Pan Manufacturers and Pan Tuners!








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