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Our 2003 Steelpan Person of the Year Award - goes this year to three well-deserving individuals...  Mrs. Glenda Ford-Gamory, Mrs. Jean Myers and Mrs. Claudette Baptiste of Pantonic, ADLIB and Women In Steel Orchestras, respectively. 
Glenda Ford-Gamory Jean Myers Claudette Baptiste

As with any public recognition of any effort there are many deserving people.  However Mrs. Ford-Gamory, Mrs. Mayers and Mrs. Baptiste are unique individuals...  Pan in New York would not be the same without them...   They are the MVPs of their own organizations and of whatever activities they lend their talents to...  They are brilliant, they command respect and remain humble...  Their commitment to the development of our young and the uplifting of the human sprit are unmatched... Catch ADLIB at Lincoln Center this spring...


  Band of the Year  -- Pantonic Steel Orchestra
They continue to raise the expectations and established norms for a steel orchestra...  Moreover, the band's achievements continue to impact positively on the pan movement worldwide.  Pantonic's 2003 list of accomplishments include the publication of a glorious color Band Yearbook consisting of 50+ pages that has been the talk of the steelpan world... globally!  And their début CD "Pantonic Live!!!"  is one of the best steelpan recordings ever and sales are healthy.  It is well on its way to becoming an all-time classic...  Their three consecutive New York panorama wins and five championships out the last 6 years is nothing to sneeze at either...

Small Band of the Year
Steel Sensation --- These cats can play...

Non-Traditional Pan Side of the Year  --  Garvin Blake Quartet
Live at the Sugarcane Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York...  Simply the joint...  Weekly dose of some of the best live pan/jazz/anything music in the country...  Music and musicians speak for themselves...  And the food is awesome... 

Arranger of the Year  -- Clive Bradley
Trini To The Bone - group/band - Pantonic Steel Orchestra --
Song: Passion -
group/band:  D'Radoes Steel Orchestra...
He is still the Master and he's getting better with age... Bradley's capturing of positions 1 and 3 in New York's panorama tell the story and is a tribute to his brilliance...  Not to mention his Trinidad Pan Fiesta win later on in 2003...

Pioneer & Life Time Achievement  --
Emmanuel Jack Riley
A legend in his own time… Easily one the most influential persons in the history of pan, Emmanuel Jack Riley has a list of accomplishments that makes him an obvious choice for this award… Mr. Riley has excelled in every facet of pan… He is a proficient tuner, arranger and gifted virtuoso improvisionist.… His playing style and improvising skills have impacted a generation of pan jazz soloists...  Mr. Riley is the original...

Tuner of the Year -- Wallace Austin for Marsicans, Garvin Blake, Project Steel...

Honorable mention --   Birch Kellman for Sonatas, Roland Harrigin for Pantonic

The sounds produced from the instruments tuned by these gentlemen were simply awesome...

Pan Video Recording of the Year -
    "Pantonic In The Yard... " -- Trini 2 D Bone

Simply The Best...  See for your self...


Producers - Video -- W. Jaffier, Audio -- TJ -- Audio & Video captured by "Basement Bums"...


2003 Pan Excellence and Visionary Award --
Max Roach
, hailed as the world's greatest trap drummer says -  "the steelpan is a magical instrument that belongs on a world stage".  In word, deed and vision Max Roach has always been a promoter and supporter of pan...

Max on pan in a live interview -  http://www.basementrecordings.com/asp/max/maxonpan.htm

As a musical explorer, performer, composer, musicologist, and educator, he has served as an ambassador to the vast universe of sound, ushering in new movements in music for the past five decades.  His career serves as a timeline that traces the rise of American music as the dominant musical force of the 20th century.

Max Roach has not only been there at the historic moments in American music, he has made them happen.  In the 1940s, he was there experimenting with Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Oscar Pettiford, Coleman Hawkins, and Thelonious Monk.  His first theater job was in 1942, when he was called to sub for Sonny Greer with the great Duke Ellington Orchestra at New York's Paramount Theater; he was 18 years old.

In 1953, he was on stage for the legendary Massey Hall Concert in Toronto.  It was the only time music titans Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Charles Mingus, Dizzy Gillespie, and Max Roach shared the same stage...

In the 1950s, he put together the Max Roach-Clifford Brown Quintet, which was one of the dominant ensembles of that period.  In the 1960s, he integrated political consciousness into his work, composing and producing the landmark "We Insist! Freedom Now" album that became the battle cry for a generation. Then, in the 1970s, he brought the drums out from a supporting to a starring role with solo drum performances around the world.  He also founded the percussion orchestra, M'Boom - a group combining drums and tuned percussion such as vibes and steel-pans.  Steelpanist Len Boogsie Sharpe also performed with M'Boom.  Roach was also one of the first jazz musicians to work with rap artists.

More on Max...

Internationally acclaimed percussionist and composer, Max Roach received a fellowship from the MacArthur foundation in 1988. This prestigious fellowship is awarded annually to extraordinarily talented individuals who discover, create and contribute to American scientific and cultural life.  A pioneer in the development of contemporary American music, his innovations include revolutionizing the use of the multiple percussion set.  During the course of his distinguished career, Mr. Roach has collaborated with such diverse artists as Alvin Ailey, Sam Shepard, Dizzy Gillespie, the Boston Pops and John Williams, Charlie Parker, Cecil Taylor, and the Kodo drummers of Japan.  A world-wide lecturer and performer, Mr. Roach has composed works for soloists, chorus, orchestra, theatre, dance, television and his quartet, Double Quartet, and The Uptown String Quartet.  His theatrical scores for "Shepard Sets" by playwright Wam Shepard earned Mr. Roach an "OBIE" award.  A professor at the University of Massachusetts Department of Music and Dance, he is also the recipient of an Honorary Doctorate in Music from the New England Conservatory of Music, University of Maryland, Eastman School of Music, and The Manhattan School of Music, as well as an Honorary Doctorate in Fine Arts from Wesleyan University.  Max Roach was awarded the highest cultural honor in France when he was named Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters in 1989. He is a two-time winner of the French "Grand Prix du Disque" and an inductee to the Hall of Fame of the International Percussive Arts society.  He was also honored in 1990 by the members of the National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts with their Samuel Rosenbaum Award.  Presented in Boston at the 53rd conference of the Guild, the Rosenbaum Award was presented to Max in recognition of his lifelong dedication to music education and for promoting the ideals to which the Guild and its membership are dedicated. Mr. Roach was nominated for a Grammy Award this year for his A&M duet "Max & Dizzy".  Source: ejn.it/mus/roach.htm

Band To Watch
Utopia Pan Soul:  The Next Generation
Their future looks real bright...


Rookie History-Making Innovation of the Year  -- Panonthenet.Radio

Internet Radio with a difference!  Never before done, or heard - this radio show is another ground-breaking Panonthenet innovation!  Pan music 24-7 - on demand  - on the Internet - on PanRadio - with two to three hour-long shows every week!  Pan Music showcasing all musical genres.

Soloist of the Year -- Imani Pascal  -- One of the most talented pannists in North America...




Writers of the Year --Nicole Vanderbrook and Tasha Morris for Pan Times
Their reporting brought new bursts of enthusiasm to the pan scene...

Innovator of the Year  -- Franklyn Myers of ADLIB Steel Orchestra
  The Man's a Genius, a gentleman and a scholar... 

 Pan Recording of the Year -
    "Pantonic Live!!!  The CD... "

 Easily one of the finest big band recordings ever... 
 The work speaks for itself...  


Honorable mention  SakéSho -- Andy Narell  -- http://www.headsup.com/bios/sakesho.html

Single Big Band Pan Recorded Performance of the Year 

 Marsicans - Arranger - Pelham Goddard  -- featured on the
 Pan In New York 2003 CD  Producer -- Basement  Recordings

Sonatas - Arranger - Ken 'Professor' Philmore -- featured on the Pan In New York 2003 CD  Producer -- Basement Recordings



 Non-Traditional Performance of the Year --  
 Skiffle Bunch Steel Orchestra's rendition of "Titanic" at   South Street Seaport gig.. http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/skiffle/main2.htm

Honorable mention
-- CASYM on their NY Daily News Tour

Life Time Achievement Award --  Cyrus Busby
This individual eats, drinks and sleeps pan...  He is pan 24-7...  His passion, devotion, sacrifice and commitment to the pan movement is unquestioned...  New York pan would not be the same without him...

Pan Song of The Year
Music In We Blood by Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe -
More bands played this piece in the Caribbean, Europe and North America than any other selection in recent Panorama history, and probably in the history of panorama...  Boogsie is the man...

Pan Photo of The Year
"Baby Lincoln - Pantonic Steel" by C. PhillipsTaken at the Vibrations In Steel Concert in May 2003 - The Photo speaks for itself
 Woman On the Bass - Phase 2 Pan Groove.  Taken at the 2003 Trinidad Panorama Finals

Concerts of The Year... Indoors --  Vibrations In Steel - Concert 1
Promoter:  Brooklyn Pan Ensemble
Outdoors -- Pan Ruckshun in Queens
 Promoter:  Dr. Trevor Grant

Sound Horn Award

Jared McCalliste,
Caribbeat Magazine, Daily News
Melissa Hunte
Caribbean Vibe & Urban Entertainment Magazine
Melissa Hunte

These two journalist have given pan star treatment without compromise...  Pan would not be the same in New York without their contribution...


2002 Awards!