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Khalick J. Hewitt hails from East Dry River or the area known as "behind the Bridge", in Trinidad.  Growing up next to and practically in the City Syncopators panyard, Hewitt runs through his first-hand factual account of the history and evolution of the steelband movement in Trinidad, during his enlightening chat with When Steel Talks.

As founder and President of the Brooklyn-based International Steelband and Calypso Society (ISCS), Hewitt puts his very soul into the research, promotion and preservation of both the steelband and calypso art forms.  In the context of the twelve-year old organization, Hewitt refers to himself as a Panologist and Calypsologist, and it is the Panologist who was very candid during his interview.

With his "pedigree" background in the steelpan and priceless nuggets of its history - such as his personal interaction with the novelty, first all-girls steelband (known as the Girl Pat Orchestra in those days), Khalick Hewitt traced the journey of the instrument through to the 21st century, linking the milestones through the years, with the impact of the steelband's historical culture on today's New York pan scene.  He touched on multiple issues ranging from some of the same obstacles that were characteristic of the Trinidad pan scene, and which were now being faced again in the New York arena - to the changes in the pan movement from the 50s, 60s, through today.

Forged from the fiery furnace which was the molten Pan movement in Trinidad and with first-hand  and intimate knowledge of and relationships with, most of the legendary figures in the history of the Steelband, Khalick J. Hewitt is one of the few leading authorities on the beginnings, and continuing voyages of the pan from inception to its present day status.  He has the best personal account chronicling "the Longtime Steelband".  Click to read Part I

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Contact: Khalick J. Hewitt |

Khalick J. Hewitt lectures by request on the steelband and calypso (1935-1980)


"the Longtime Steelband". 



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