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For the past six years the Adlib Steel Orchestra has entranced Pan-O-Rama audiences with the harmonious melodies conjured from their steel pans. Now they’re ready to tell the world “We’ve Only Just Begun,” with their album debut of the same name.

The Adlib Steel Orchestra has previously been featured on five Pan-O-Rama compilation CD’s along with other bands, but they’re now poised and ready to break away from the pack to share their exclusive talents.

With arrangers Stephen Sampson, Ruben Nelson and Harold Headley at the helm of the current project, the Adlib Steel Orchestra—which consists of 25 pan players from all over the Caribbean—is saying that they have treats for everyone with their latest release.  The CD which is 11 tracks deep, features covers on classic tunes such as Judy Garland’s “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and Louis Armstrong’s “What A Wonderful World.”

Lisa Mayers, who is co-manager for Adlib says that they take pride in making  music for the young and old alike.  “You really can’t just play Calypso and Jazz tunes,” says Mayers.  “People want to hear the older songs as well.”

Fellow Co-manager Jean Mayers, Lisa’s mother, says that since its release on July 7, the Adlib CD has been selling quite well.

Now the Adlib Steel Orchestra is looking ahead towards this year’s Pan-O-Rama.   After coming in third in last years steel pan competition they expect to be formidable competitors once again.

“We’re aiming high,” said Lisa Mayers.




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