Date: 8.11.02


CASYM meets Pantonic...


For the first time since September 2000 - when CASYM Steel Orchestra unseated then-reigning Panorama champs Pantonic Steel Orchestra to capture first place, forcing Pantonic to settle for second place that year - these two steel bands met in a musical arena on a stage set by Radoes Steel Orchestra at Panville Gardens, Lincoln Road in Brooklyn, on Sunday 11 August 2002 .

The two sets of youngsters had competed in the ultimate pan ring to flex their muscles of 'steel ' - and have not had that opportunity since 2000.   With the staging of two 'Panoramas'  Pantonic are set to retain their steel supremacy at the USSA New York 2002 Panorama on Saturday 31 August 2002 at the Thomas Jeffersen Athletic field, while CASYM will defend their own title at the WIADCA event.

However - at Sunday's event at Panville Gardens, the strength of steel solidarity was cemented by Pantonic performing at the Radoes-hosted event - reciprocating CASYM's own appearance at the Dem Stars' launch the previous Sunday (4 August) - regardless of the competing panoramas.

Irrespective of organizational affiliation, pan people understand that the driving force of the pan culture is the love and promotion of the instrument.  And so it was that CASYM and Pantonic treated the crowd with multiple selections from their repertoires.  Let the music play on...

by CP - Basement Press Release Writer



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