Dem Stars -
through 'Rain' and Shine

at the 21st Annual Kings County Hospital Center Health Fair



It is the time of the year when institutions, companies and businesses alike have on their agenda to 'give back to the community', and Kings County Hospital Center was no different on Saturday June 21, 2003.  Even though the weather practically rained out the proceedings later on in the afternoon, there was no damper on the spirit of the many people who milled around visiting the various booths set up to educate and inform on the hospital grounds on Clarkson Avenue in Brooklyn.

Kings County Associate Executive Director for Network Communications and Business Development - Peter Griffith - said proudly that the hospital had provided services for more than one hundred and seventy years.  He declared that through their 21st annual health fair, the Hospital Center was enjoying the opportunity to empower members of the community by enabling them to understand that they could take control of their life, their health and live longer, even as they were entertained by a cultural musical mix of calypso and Spanish music, along with Dem Stars Steel Orchestra.

Booths set up on the grounds dispensed information and free materials on health-related matters.  There was also free health screening in areas such as HIV testing, prostrate cancer, diabetes and blood pressure, all of which were taking place nearby in one of the main medical buildings.  The youngsters on hand were educated and informed at the same time by the Rapping Fireman who rapped about such dangers as playing with matches and the importance of working smoke detectors, while giving out treats to the children - and the adults who tried as hard as the little ones did, to catch the toys being tossed by the fireman!

Dem Stars were scheduled and prepared to play as early as one in the afternoon when there was but a slight drizzle.  For reasons unknown the band was only called upon sometime around three by which time there was a steady downpour of rain which was eventually accompanied by occasional thunderclaps and lightning bolts.  Under the inadequate covering of a too-small tent, the surfaces of the pan instruments were filled with water so members had to drain them and continued to do so even as the rest of band was being set up.

No strangers to playing in the rain, Dem Stars swung into their set for the onlookers.  A man did his best to remedy the situation by going around the band and wiping out the pans of various players even as the rain poured down and the band played on.

The player of the day was Roxanne Glasgow on bass who was totally outside the 'shelter' of the tent.  Barely kept dry by the light yellow rain poncho she wore, Roxanne was a sight to behold with umbrella in one hand, as she undauntedly played with one pan stick in the other!  As the umbrella collapsed she simply played through the rain; eventually an impromptu attempt was made to put up a plastic covering.  Other players as well were still soaked under the tent as the rain blew in, but Dem Stars went through its musical paces with the community members under the tents taking in every moment as the steel orchestra's performance closed out the Kings County health fair.  The band continues to win new supporters every time they take the stage, and it was yet another commendable performance by Dem Stars as they stepped up and into the 2003 pan scene.



By CP - Basement Press Release Writer





Date: 6.21.03









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