The Hudson River Museum's Summer Concert Series on Sunday July 27 was the place to find Pantonic Steel Orchestra for an after-dinner concert, where they served up two scintillating portions of conventional, reggae and soca sounds.  The band launched their appearance around seven o'clock with George Benson's "The Greatest Love of All", then the Lord Nelson's classic "Mih Lover" inclusive of vocals done by the band's drummer, Gregory, who also filled in as Master of Ceremonies throughout the evening.

With the band in full flight, Gregory urged the audience to come out on the dance floor.  They needed very little encouragement as they had already been tapping their feet and swaying in their chairs while still seated at their tables.

The Beatles' "The Long and Winding Road" brought out in the dancing area a few adults with babes in arms, as well as the couples.  "Jammin" by Bob Marley was a crowd pleaser in place of the requested "Islands In The Sun".  The crowd ranged in ages from the very young to the very mature; some were club members of the Hudson River Museum, while others were from the general Yonkers' community.  Curator of Public Programs and event organizer Barbara Davis said that while maintaining the traditional element of the facilities' shows, she was very pleased to incorporate the character of world music, which brought out Brooklyn's Pantonic Steel Orchestra to entertain.

Davis was also taken with the band's involvement and accomplishments with the youth within its own community, and indicated this was one of the key reasons she had opted for them.  Their visual performances she had experienced on their website also impacted on her decision.

There was an introduction of the band members and few more selections which included "La Bamba".  Then came a fifteen-minute intermission during which time on sale and sought after, were refreshments, as well as copies of Pantonic's new CD Pantonic Live! The CD.

More selections which included two more Beatles' staples along with Cyndi Lauper's "Time After Time", went down extremely well with the crowd.  During both sessions, Barbara Davis repeatedly gushed 'This is great, this is great!'.  She also said people kept coming up to tell her that 'they had never seen a live show as good as this'.  As a result she has intentions of pursuing probabilities to have Pantonic back to perform in a larger setting - the Yonkers amphitheatre, because as she put it 'They don't know anything about this, they have never heard anything quite like it! [musical performance]'.

  Drummer Gregory maintained his 'designated' role of leading the dance sessions.  No one was immune.  He even got Barbara to kick up her heels on the dance floor during Pantonic's 'breakaway session' toward the end.

After their soca stint which culminated with their 2002 winning selection of the late Andre Tanker's "Ben Lion", Pantonic closed the show shortly after nine that evening with "When Will I See You Again".  Then believe it or not it was a marathon packing up scene to journey and perform still later that night in at Radoes' band launching in Brooklyn.

Contact Pantonic Management at 1-718-434-0231.


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Date: 7.29.03




Guests have themsevles a good time
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