Date:  07.16.03





This year marks the first time both Panoramic bodies, WIADCA and USSA, have coupled together to hold a joint Panorama.  Currently instead of two opposing contests, such as in years past, all the steel bands will compete within one venue.  A meeting held yesterday Wednesday July 16th, achieved the assignments of the order in which the bands will perform at the Panorama.

A gavel sat atop the table in the tiny salmon colored room, poised to cease any audience dispute.  However there were no qualms at all among the once separated bands; in fact there was a feeling of the very opposite, a feeling of unity.

The newfound harmony among the steel bands met with positive reaction amongst those involved.  Cyrus Busby of Radoes believes that only good can come of the recent joining of the two factions.  Busby commented that, “before it was two regimes on either side; now joined, and together, it is smooth sailing.”   Roy Banfield of Utopia Pan Soul, further solidified the overall feeling of relief at the joint Panorama.  “I think it is a wonderful idea, it was long in coming, and long overdue,” said Banfield.

Eighteen tiny squares of paper were folded and thrown into an envelope; from those numbers the lineup and order for the 2003 Panorama were to be decided.  As each representative from the various bands pulled a number, they were met with playful jests from fellow pannists.

Following the drawing, every band seemed to be content in their position concerning the Panorama schedule.  The last steel band up, Harmony, looked upon their placement as positive, saying, “this way we are fresher in the minds of judges, it doesn’t get lost as the night goes on”, while Dem Stars in 6th position felt that a spot somewhere in the middle, such as theirs, was key.

The joining of both WIADCA and USSA, although still in its preliminary stages, looks to be on a positive track.  Busby of Radoes, in the spirit of the newfound accord among the once-separated WIADCA bands and the USSA bands, hoped to extend a sign of his appreciation.  “I am happy to wish every band in the competition good luck, every band.”


The order the bands will play in the Panorama:

1.)  Caribbean Youth Panoramics
2.)  Casym
3.)  Sesame Flyers
4.)  Pan Ambassadors
5.)  Marsicans
6.)  Dem Stars
7.)  Crossfire
8.)  Despers
9.)  Radoes
10.) Adlib
11.) Moods Pan Groove
12.) Panfonics
13.) Harlem All Stars
14.) Sonatas
15.) Metro
16.) Pantonics
17.) Women in Steel
18.) Harmony





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