Date:  09.02.03





The scent of aromatic Caribbean foods and the sounds of pan music lured those outside on Washington Avenue on Saturday, August 30th to the inside of the constructed gates.  Behind the entrance the Brooklyn parking lot teemed with booths.  Bright colors shouted from every stand, reds, yellows, greens.  People milled about, sampling various foods and drinks, killing time before the main event, the start of the 2003 Panorama.

Alongside the booths clusters of each steel orchestra gathered.  Each group discernable by their choice of uniform.  Marsicans in red and white doctors' scrubs, Dem Stars in white satin outfits, Despers USA in a soft pink, and so on.  Some bands remained entirely focused, getting a little pre-contest practice in, while others socialized and casually awaited their time onstage.

Over the booths a row of rainbow colored balloons could be spotted above all else.  The assorted balloons ascended as a marker of where the real action was to be held.  The stage was large, accompanied by two giant television screens o either side.  At around 7:15 the bleachers began to become speckled with people, all anticipating the event that was scheduled to begin at 8 PM.  The buzz of the audience had gone from a low hum to an escalated flurry of shouts as the hour moved from 8 PM to 9 PM and still the Panorama had yet to begin.

Finally, a little after 9 PM, Caribbean Youth Panoramics took the stage.  The crowd turned nearly silent as the first note was played, they rose out of their seats in anticipation.  However it turns out to be merely a sound check leaving the impatient audience soured, giving way to random shouts of curiosity to when the actual performances will begin.

However when the actual Panorama did commence, it did not stop.  Band after band rolled onto the stage, setting up and performing one after another.  Some bands reached close to 100 people, while Pantonic had exactly 100 people, all moving in perfect precision and accuracy when it came to coming together on stage.  Despite the efficiency of the groups, the Panorama, which featured 15 bands, ran into the early morning hours, around 4 AM.

At the end of the night, or more accurately, the morning, the pannists packed up just as quickly as they had assembled.  The players rolled the pans down the street, resulting in a sort of mini traffic jam, a mix of cars and steel drums. The members and their instruments traveled back to their respective pan yards.  The yards where they had been practicing - in some cases for a good deal of the summer - with the anticipation and goal of tonight, Panorama, on their minds.


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Caribbean Youth Panoramics stand on stage awaiting cue to begin their performance...


Marsicans Steel Orchestra in hospital scrubs...


Despers USA in uniform on stage at
the 2003 New York Panorama...