Date: 06.03


New York Steelbands at Pathmark's Multicultural Arts Festival in Brooklyn

By TASHA MORRIS - Basement Press


Kings Plaza Mall in Brooklyn on Sunday June 8 was the best location for Pathmark’s Multicultural Arts Festival.  Proud sponsor General Motors displayed its 2004 Cadillac model.  Other sponsors like Tropical Rhythms and Nutrament provided tasty samples of drinks to quench the thirst and energize the body.

The melodies could be heard throughout the mall and only a few could put their finger on what it was.  Many shoppers crowded around the second floor balcony, sat on stairs and escalators to experience some of the Caribbean’s talent.  The piano-like sound was the steel pans played by the Dem Stars, Pan Ambassadors and Women In Steel.  Dem Stars were in shades of blue, the ladies of Pan Ambassadors dressed in white and black with white Kangols leaned to the side and Women In Steel made a statement in red and khaki.  Their classic outfits may have been simple, but their playing style was anything but.  The bands’ musical repertoires catered to the tastes of all present at the Festival.

The crowd hummed to various hits and classics alike, from one of the Trinidad Carnival season favorites -‘Trini 2 De Bone’ to ‘Now or Never’ and Let There Be Peace on Earth.  'Bailamos' by Enrique Iglesias had the crowd moving their feet, while they were further entertained by other selections such as Killing Me Softly, The Greatest Love of All, and Amazing Grace.

The steelbands’ collective enthusiasm and love for steel pan music was enjoyed by all, especially the shoppers and Mall visitors who were of Caribbean heritage.  All the steelbands received large rounds of applause in appreciation for their excellent performances.





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Dem Stars entertains the crowd
with sweet pan music