Clive BradleyThe Man, The Music, The Legend...

With the spirit of a gypsy and the discipline of an Olympic sprinter, Clive Bradley has created some of the most beautiful music this side of heaven.  Always thoughtful, Bradley approaches his craft in a meticulous yet carefree manner.  It is not unusual for him to spend hours voicing a single chord, while at other times, he seems to go on instinct. His knowledge of harmony, form, rhythm and counterpoint is legendary. However, it’s his sense of “bacchanal” that makes Bradley special. The uncanny ability to be both sophisticated and vulgar sets him apart from the rest. Whether you’re a professional musician, a Brooklyn teen or an elder from Laventille, Bradley speaks your language.

Bradley has enriched the lives of everyone who has ever heard his music.  From his Panorama winning arrangements of  “Rebecca”, “Pan In Harmony”, and “High Mas” to “Pan In Danger”, “Party Tonight” and “Sailing” (the ones that got away) to those little gems: “Sugar For Pan”, “Calypso Coup” and “Panama”, Bradley has created a body of work that will live on.

Colorful? Yes, he is.  Restless? That too, but a musical genius for sure!

Garvin Blake