Basement Recordings, Inc. ;


Basement Recordings enjoys a twenty-year history of success in teaching people of all backgrounds and ages, skills in computer and related digital technologies.  Participants in Basement Recordings’ programs work in a wide range of industries – music production, television, film, video, audio engineering, graphic design, and education.  They are artists, teachers, administrators, business owners, students and engineers all seeking to adapt their life experiences and aspirations to emerging technologies.

Basement Recordings' premier mission is to instill confidence in our  participants’ approach to critical thinking and problem solving.  Moreover participants are exposed to tools that enhance creativity and enable greater productivity.   Basement Recordings believes that the ability to analyze and to seek solutions is the key to independent learning and enjoying the benefits of technology.

Basement Recordings is committed to presenting information in ways that unravel technical jargon and simplify technical concepts.  We continually assess our education methods and materials to assure the greatest efficiency in learning.

Basement Recordings chooses to develop relationships with companies that embrace an educational approach to the presentation of their products.  Our experience bears out that successful products result from a close collaboration between users and manufacturers.  With ever increasing advances in digital technology, users have a need to understand products’ capabilities, limitations and operations so that they can move beyond the frustration of manuals and appreciate their purchases.

Basement Recordings’ spectrum of seminars, presentations and classes, as well as the annual Rhythm, Business and Technology Exhibition,  provide a unique medium for bridging the information gap.  The popularity and success of the programs serve as attestation to their necessity and effectiveness.