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Franklyn Maestro McIntosh aka Frankie McIntosh has helped to elevate calypso to great prominence, arranging and composing music for artists like the Calypso King of the World Mighty Sparrow, Beckett, Scorcher, Chalkdust, Shadow, Explainer and a host of other outstanding musicians.

Born in August of 1946 in St. Vincent, Franklyn McIntosh’s musical career began at the tender age of 3.  His father schooled him in playing the flute, while he was simultaneously being trained in formal keyboard by a private instructor. By the age of 9 Franklyn was the pianist for the Melotones, a dance band led by his father.

By 1963, the Frankie McIntosh Orchestra, led by Franklyn was performing throughout St. Vincent, and word of his illustrious accomplishments soon spread to neighbouring Antigua, where in 1966 he was invited to work as a pianist for Laviscount Orchestra, an Antiguan group.

After two years in Antigua, Franklyn McIntosh migrated to the United States to perform on invitation with a New York based group, Tropicana Brass as well as to study and obtain his Music degree.

While pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music from Brooklyn College, the "Maestro" as Franklyn is referred to in some circles, performed with Tropicana Brass, free-lanced as pianist for several jazz groups and artists, including Jimmy Tyler, Snug Moseley and Donald Maynard, and toured Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, Florida and New York with a cabaret musical band called Wonderful World of Charlie Brown and Yvonne.

In 1978 Beckett approached Franklyn McIntosh with calypso material and a musical relationship emerged. The "Maestro" arranged Beckett’s album, Coming High;  this launched Beckett’s musical career nationally and led to him being signed by Casablanca Records.

Twelve albums later Frankie McIntosh was still arranging music for Beckett whose album Gal Ah Rush Me, soared to national acclaim with the hit single Teaser, winning Best Song and Best Arranged Song at the Caribbean Grammy Awards held at the Apollo Theatre in New York.

Frankie McIntosh


After Beckett’s success, other musicians approached the " Maestro" for assistance on their albums, and Franklyn McIntosh has since arranged music for dozens of artists from various Caribbean countries and Islands.

In addition to B.A. and M.A. degrees in Music from Brooklyn College and New York University respectively, Franklyn has received several citations and honors from various Organizations and record companies for his contribution to calypso.  He has also won the Arranger of the Year award at the 1990 Caribbean Grammy Music Awards.

When asked about the future of Calypso music, the " Maestro" says he believes that Calypso-Jazz is the wave of the future.  This innovative style of music is now being performed by artists like Clive Alexander, Raf Robertson and Len "Boogsie" Sharpe, and is gaining momentum throughout the Caribbean.

As regards to his future, Franklyn McIntosh declares that he would like to record and release some of his own compositions that reflect his experiences as a Caribbean person living in New York, thereby making his own musical statement.

In addition to an illustrious musical career, Franklyn McIntosh still has found time to be a devoted husband and father of four.




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