Web Posted - Thursday December 31, 2020
When Steel Talks

In Remembrance of Panman Andre Boldan

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. -  Blessed with exceptional music talent, the late panman Andre Boldan was held in great regard by many; he was essentially the consummate self-taught community musician.  He was born on July 12, 1960, in Central Trinidad but lived in Arima his whole life.

....Andre Boldan has a long list of bands for which he performed or captained.  He has played with XY Cellotones, Heavens Super Panfere, Trinidad Nostalgic, Nuclear Symphonettes, Invaders (from age 15), Panvibes, Exodus, Tokyo, Arima Angel Harps, Simple Song, Melodians, and Opera Symphonic Sounds.  

....As an arranger, he worked with Pan on the Move, Five Rivers Junior Secondary, and Edinburgh 500 Steel Ensemble.  Andre credits Nervin “Teach” Saunders for making him a pan player....As a competitor, he took 5th place as a soloist in the Pan Is Beautiful III Musical Festival in 1984 where he represented Arima Angel Harps.