Web Posted - Thursday December 17, 2020
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Remembering the amazing Karen Codrington - RIP

Karen Codrington
Karen Codrington

Global - “It is very challenging juggling the different roles as a house-wife, mom, and musician. For example, sometimes I might be practicing at the pan yard while at the same time worrying about the pile of dirty clothes at home. Taking care of a family of 8 is no easy task but what makes it easier is the help of the rest of the family.” -- Karen Codrington

She lives it, talks it and walks it full time - 24-7-365. She is one of the world’s most successful steelpan parents. A panist and drummer in her own right, she oversees eight accomplished musicians. Share the real life of the matriarch of the Codrington’s Karen Codrington—in her own words—in a When Steel Talks exclusive.