Web Posted - Tuesday November 24, 2020
When Steel Talks

Clive Bradley & Pantonic Live! - The CD! - A Critical Review by Frankie McIntosh

Global - Rather abruptly, our Sociology professor asked for an example of a “synergistic collaboration”; silence pervaded the room; that was during my college freshman year. Today, without hesitation, I’d holler “the Pantonic Live CD!”. This musical masterpiece is a product of the joint efforts of: veteran arranger Clive Bradley; the Pantonic Steel Orchestra led by Keith Roberts; and Basement Recordings’ sound crew....  -- Frankie McIntosh

Revealing the Genius of Clive Bradley

He was simply one of the world's greatest steel orchestra music arrangers. Moreover, he is/was the one the titans of Pan bowed to. This was his stage, his arena, his moment. This was his time. Panorama was "Bradley Time." Master arranger Clive Bradley, more so than any other, shaped and elevated the music and theatre of the Panorama competition as we know it.

When Steel Talks revisits a musical examination of some of the Master's works by one of the most respected and gifted music talents out of the Caribbean. Frankie McIntosh, a maestro in his own right, provides an intellectual, as well as a critical perceptive and cultural analysis, of these selected Panorama music works from the arranger Clive Bradley.