Web Posted - Friday November 13, 2020
When Steel Talks

Meet Wilfred “Junior” Kieal - Panist, Percussionist & Administrator - Up-Close!

Wilfred “Junior” Kieal
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New York, USA - He is one of the most well-known and well-liked people in that ‘next generation’ of performing artists involved in the New York pan scene. Thoughtful, multi-talented and a natural-born percussionist with world-class abilities, he’s one of the few percussionists who have totally mastered the art of silence - such that when he stops, the listener is left wanting more. And within the steel orchestra, from tenor to four-pan and more - it’s a non-issue because he’s accomplished in several voices in the family of steelpan instruments.

But with it all, Wilfred Kieal, Jr. is centered by his passion for the steelband art form and remains humble as its music courses through his blood, and life. In this exclusive When Steel Talks interview, performing artist, former band captain and administrator Wilfred “Junior” Kieal lays out his love for his Dad, himself an elder in the art form - and talks about his own path through pan to date.
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