Web Posted - Monday May 10, 2021
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PanoGrama 2021 Prelims Results - Top 20 Move On To Semis

Earl Brooks, Jr - defending PanoGrama champion - 2021 Prelims

Global - The top twenty of the thirty panists who competed in the PanoGrama 2021 Preliminaries are on the move - to the semi-final phase of this year's event. Over three nights, May 7, 8 and 9, the musicians, ten at a time, had their performances broadcast online via Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. Each segment was hosted by event organizer Nevin Roach with co-host Aundrea Wharton.

Five judges - Liam Teague, Ojay Richards, Andy Chichester, David ZigE Walcott and Victor Provost - deliberated over the participants' respective presentations, with the successful set returning for the semis come May 13.