Web Posted - Sunday May 23, 2021

Southwest’s Island Steel Drum Band to perform final concert after 22 years

The steel drum band program is being cut

The Southwest Island Steel Drum Band

San Diego, California, USA - The Island Steel Drum Band comprised of students from Southwest Middle School and Southwest High School in South Bay San Diego will perform together for the last time Monday [May 24].  After 22 years, the steel drum band program is being cut, according to band director Keith Ballard.

Ballard said in a press release that neither he nor students or parents were spoken to about the decision to cut the program for the upcoming school year.

“Mr. Ballard only found out when a tiny spreadsheet was emailed to him last week with his classes for the 2021-22 school year, and the steel drum band class did not appear,” the press release read in part. “The music class was deemed expendable.”