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Web Posted - Saturday February 5, 2022
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Remembering Ricardo “Ricky Bobby” Rameshwar, Kes The Band’s musical director

Kes The Band - acoustic version of “Savannah Grass”
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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - The music world was devastated upon learning of the sudden death of Ricardo “Ricky Bobby” Rameshwar, musical director and keyboardist for Kes The Band, after an asthma attack on February 1 in Trinidad. As the band’s musical compass, he worked on all the band’s output, including hits such as Savannah Grass.  The tune was the choice of several steel orchestras for the 2019 Panorama season.

Web Posted - Thursday February 3, 2022
When Steel Talks

Trinidad and Tobago National PAN EVENTS & Taste of Carnival 2022 Schedule

Trinidad and Tobago National PAN EVENTS & Taste of Carnival Schedule 2022

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - A scaled-down celebration of Carnival is in the works for 2022 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and it currently includes three steelband components. Single Pan/Small Steel Orchestras are on tap for their show on February 19, while sister isle of Tobago is listed on the schedule the following day, for now with details still pending.  Performances from large and medium steel orchestras are slated for February 26.

Titled A Taste of Carnival 2022, the traditional elements of Carnival are advertised throughout the month of February, featuring steelband, Calypso/Kaiso tents, Chutney, Extempo, Mas individuals, Kings and Queens, Canboulay Riots & Stick Fighting presentations, Dimanche Gras, Brass concert and more.

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