Web Posted - Thursday May 6, 2021
When Steel Talks - Reboot

Flamingoes Steel Orchestra

A look at the once-renowned orchestra - yesterday, today and tomorrow

by Salah Wilson

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. -  The inception of Flamingoes Steelband from St John Village in St. Augustine, Trinidad & Tobago began in 1957 with founder Bob Theroulde, uncle of Salah Wilson. From the beginning, the concept was a community-based organization. It was the pride of the village in its heyday, which stretched from the early sixties to the late seventies; it was nationally regarded as one of the best recording and dance bands in the country and a strong contender in the Panorama and other competitions, being sponsored by Lever Brothers under the evolved name of Lever Brothers ‘Gay’ Flamingoes.


  • Anthony Cedeno, Anthony Rose , Anthony Wilson, Antonio Nieves, Charles Cottle, Claude Salina, Don Wilson, Earl Ross, Eddie Amour, Edmund Dolabaille, Euramus Hernandez, Gary Lewis, Geo. Jobe, George Salina Jnr., Herbert Friffith, Jaggernauth Ramdass, James Hernandez, Jerome Logan, Jim Phillip, Marshall Blackburn, Mervyn Theroulde, Michael De Garzon, Mickey O'Neil, Mike Cumberbatch, Neil Ballon, Patrick Keizer, Patrick Wilson, Peter Theroulde, Philip Hinkson, Reece Albert, Richard Cupid, Robert Timothy, Roland James, Roy Matthews, Russel DeSouza, Stephen Pierre, Stethen Matthews, Tex Salina, Tony Melville, Tyrell Marcell, Vincent Thomas, Willis Robau, Wyncliffe Neverson