Web Posted - Friday December 11, 2020
When Steel Talks

Meet Lin Tao 陶 霖 - Shanghai, China

Lin Tao and Jose Herrera introduce the steelpan at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music

China - “I just found out it is a quite fun and interesting instrument with a very unique sound... Not many Chinese people saw or knew this instrument before, actually. My family and friends are very supportive with this new instrument I introduced to them. They are super happy to hear it and see how it works and sounds....”

Lin Tao is a gifted pianist, performing artist, percussion instructor and music educator. And as fate would have it - she is now one of the persons who first performed on and introduced the steelpan to the world-famous and prestigious Shanghai Conservatory of Music - sometimes known as the “the cradle of musicians.” In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks, performing artist Lin Tao shares her love for the steelpan instrument and expectations for the future with the art form and more.