Web Posted - Thursday September 30, 2021
When Steel Talks - Reboot

Looking back:  Remembering the late Champion Arranger Ken “Professor” Philmore

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....In 1974 at age of fifteen, Ken Philmore joined Hatters Steel Orchestra in south Trinidad with the intention of developing his skills as a player. On one of his early visits, a member jokingly remarked “Who is this young kid with these old fashioned glasses?” Referring to his bone-rimmed spectacles, “He looks more like a “professor” than a pan player.”

....Apart from Trinidad, he has arranged music for steel bands in the United Kingdom and in New York – in fact Ken’s first opportunity as an arranger came in 1981 when he arranged for BWIA Sonatas in New York. He consequently captured six New York Panorama titles with Sonatas Steel Orchestra.