Web Posted - Thursday November 19, 2020
When Steel Talks

Clive Bradley: The man who helped shape the musical direction of Panorama

by Knolly Moses

Global - β€œHis preferred drink is rum and coke, though he sips a beer in the pan tent this particular night. Standing a slight five feet three inches in sandals, he peers through round, brown glasses. Cigarette smoke punctuates every word of his flat, nearly monotone voice. And while he engages in lively repartee with band members, he does not tolerate skylarking. "You are losing concentration," he warns an embarrassed double second pan player.

At various times, Bradley has been a shoemaker helper, a projects worker (before it found the fashionable DEWD acronym), an accounting clerk, an advertising copywriter and a radio show host. Teaching however, is what he did longest and the job that shaped his personality most. "My grandmother always believed teaching was the most respectable profession," he says.” –– Knolly Moses - Panist, journalist and administrator