Web Posted - Wednesday November 11, 2020
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Meet Jelani Cielto - Panist Extraordinaire

Meet Jelani Cielto -  Panist Extraordinaire

Global - “I’m a cool, down-to-earth guy but when it comes to my pan I make sure I enjoy it. That’s my approach to life.” -- Jelani Cielto

Is Jelani Cielto a special talent? Absolutely. He also has that type of gift that makes a very select few see partial differential equations as child’s play. Blessed with the innate ability of a photographic memory, he has used his gift to play in multiple steel orchestras during the annual national Panorama season. This has become a point of focus. In a When Steel Talks exclusive - performing artist and panist extraordinaire Jelani Cielto - an individual of few words - gets his points of view across very succinctly, while leaving no doubt about the depth of his passion for the instrument, in this interview.
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