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Web Posted - Tuesday August 31, 2021
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UK Steelband Panorama Winners

UK Panorama Winners

London, England, UK - Previous Winners of the Notting Hill ‘Champions of Steel’ Panorama.

Web Posted - Monday August 30, 2021
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D’Radoes Steel Orchestra - “Spankin’” (‘Panyard’ - “Cool down” version - Video)

Panyard Recording

D’Radoes Steel Orchestra

Brooklyn, New York, USA - Basement Recordings captures D’Radoes Steel Orchestra as they prepare for the 2014 New York steelband Panorama competition shortly before the event. D’Radoes Steel Orchestra performed a Terrance “BJ” Marcelle-arrangement of “Spankin’.” This is the ‘cool down’ version.

Web Posted - Monday August 30, 2021
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UK National Steelband Panorama 2021

Notting Hill Carnival 2021 live stream

2021 UK London Panorama flyer

London, England, UK - Four steel orchestras competed for the 2021 UK National Steelband championship. Ebony Steelband, Croydon Steel Orchestra, Metronomes Steel Orchestra and eventual champions Mangrove Steelband performed at the Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance Park venue on Saturday August 28.

Web Posted - Monday August 30, 2021
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Live stream -- Carnival Monday at Notting Hill Carnival 2021

London, England, UK - Notting Hill Carnival Ltd: “The official Notting Hill Carnival 2021 live stream. Sadly Carnival could not return to the road in 2021, but just like last year there is an incredible array of performances and culture, to bring Carnival to wherever you are!”

Web Posted - Sunday August 29, 2021
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Congratulations to Dashawn Wallace - 2021 Junior Panorama Champion Arranger

Pan Evolution Junior Steel Orchestra

Dashawn Wallace aka “Drummerboiibam” of Pan Evolution Steel Orchestra
Dashawn Wallace aka “Drummerboiibam”

Brooklyn, New York, USA - When Steel Talks (WST) extends congratulations to Dashawn Wallace aka “Drummerboiibam,” on his victory with Pan Evolution Junior Steel Orchestra, as 2021 Junior Panorama Champion Arranger.

Web Posted - Saturday August 28, 2021
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Mangrove Steelband Cops 11th UK Panorama Title with Arranger André White - 2021 UK Panorama Results

2021 UK London Panorama flyer

London, England, UK - Mangrove Steelband held on to its title as UK Panorama champion, making it the steel orchestra's eleventh win in the Panorama competition.

....In the midst of a different landscape worldwide, there was a somewhat ʽreduced’ steelband-footprint in the London UK Panorama for 2021, in large part due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Web Posted - Thursday August 26, 2021
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Pantonic Steel Orchestra - “My House” - (‘Panyard’ - “Tempo” version - Video)

Panyard Recording

Pantonic Steel Orchestra getting ready for the 2015 Panorama competition

Brooklyn, New York, USA - Basement Recordings captures Pantonic Steel Orchestra’s 2015 New York Panorama selection “My House” as arranged by André White just days before the competition. This is the “tempo” version being performed at a pace similar to that at Panorama.

Web Posted - Thursday August 26, 2021
When Steel Talks

Gorillaz release surprise new EP ‘Meanwhile’, celebrating Notting Hill Carnival - featuring Mangrove Steel Band

Meanwhile - by Gorillaz featuring Mangrove Steel Band

London, England - Gorillaz have released a surprise new EP – listen to ‘Meanwhile’, a celebration of Notting Hill Carnival which features AJ Tracey and more, below.

The three-track EP, which also features Jelani Blackman and Alicaì Harley, gets its title from Meanwhile Gardens, the site of the band’s first ever live performance, where they played ‘Clint Eastwood’ at the Middle Row Records soundsystem in 2000.

....The EP’s title track was previewed at the band’s recent sold out shows at The O2 in London, one of which was attended solely by NHS workers.

Reviewing the gigs, NME wrote: “West London rapper Jelani Blackman features alongside London’s Mangrove Steel Band on ‘Meanwhile’, a new song previewed tonight that capture the spirit of carnival the vibrant optimism of the steel band underpinning his confident bars.”

Web Posted - Thursday August 26, 2021
When Steel Talks

Keeping J′Ouvert Relevant During the Pandemic

by J’Ouvert City International

J′Ouvert in New York 2013

Global - ....Despite limitations, J’Ouvert City International has not been dormant during the [COVID-19] pandemic but has found ways to keep the cultural flames alive with several virtual educational events.

With a promise of coming back “bigger and better in 2022,” J’Ouvert City International is confident that the cancellation of this year’s parade is the “most responsible thing to do at this moment in time.”

Web Posted - Tuesday August 24, 2021
When Steel Talks

The Silence of the Nights -- The Government′s ʽNaive Assumptions′ About Despers Pan Theatre

by Martin Daly

Photo: The Desperadoes Steel Orchestra perform at the sod turning of the Desperadoes Pan Theatre on 17 August 2021. (Copyright Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts)
Desperadoes Steel Orchestra

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - ....In the course of my sorrow, I have attempted again to remind our disrespectful rulers and moneyed elites—as well as the Anthony Watkins-led committee on community recovery—what promotion of our performing arts can do to revitalise and diversify the economy, with practical suggestions for the use of the performing arts to earn money and to assist in winning a peace dividend within troubled communities.

....I know that many of our rulers and elites are blind to the true possibilities. As pleased as I am that Desperadoes will get a new pan theatre, I am certain that the underlying and persistent lack of understanding of the true capabilities of Despers and so many other cultural practitioners will not be cured by last week’s sod turning for the new Despers pan theatre or the completion of the project.

Web Posted - Friday August 20, 2021
When Steel Talks

Total Disrespect! Total Advantage! Total Destruction (coming)! Say NO to HADCO

by Salmon Cupid (Musician, Educator, Inventor and Entrepreneur)

HADCO Hiring

Global - “How stupid will a steelpan Builder - Tuner - Grover be to go and work for HADCO. We are trying as a people to be INDEPENDENT … we are trying to put slavery behind us....

“...How could it possibly be ok with us for one private company to roll in (Jeff Bezos/Amazon-style) and monopolize a whole industry for personal gain. Accepting this move quietly is saying yes to closing down an entire sector in the long term.

Web Posted - Tuesday August 17, 2021
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CrossFire Steel Orchestra - “Outta De Box” - (‘Panyard’ - “Cool Down” version - Video)

Panyard Recording

Brooklyn, New York, USA - Basement Recordings captures CrossFire Steel Orchestra’s 2015 New York Panorama selection “Outta De Box” as arranged by Kendall Williams, just days before the competition.

CrossFire Steel Orchestra getting ready for the 2015 New York Panorama competition

Web Posted - Monday August 16, 2021
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 “Haiti” - by David Rudder

David Rudder at Moods of Pan 2008

Global - This is “Haiti,” a song written and performed by world-renowned calypsonian David Rudder in tribute to the Caribbean country, paying homage to its historical beginnings, noting its first governor-general, the legendary Toussaint Louverture, and much more in this vocal narrative.

Web Posted - Saturday August 14, 2021
When Steel Talks

Magical steelpan reflections

“Culture Matters”

by Dara E Healy

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - “We went over with our rusty pans. They weren't painted or chromed or anything – just dustbins. People didn't know what to expect, but they liked it. They said it was “black magic.”” - Sterling Betancourt, pan tuner/arranger

In 1951, Sterling Betancourt travelled to England with the Trinidad All Steel Percussion Orchestra (TASPO) for the Festival of Britain. The players were selected from among the best in the country. It is believed this was the first time steelpan was showcased on a global stage since its invention near the end of the Second World War.

....This week we celebrated World Steelpan Day. You are forgiven if you were not even aware that the day existed, as we did not experience any of the excitement that one would expect for the honouring of a national instrument.

Should we blame it on the pandemic? Maybe. On August 11, the day of the pan commemoration, media headlines declared that the delta strain of the COVID-19 virus had arrived.

Web Posted - Saturday August 14, 2021
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CASYM Steel Orchestra - “Far From Finished” - (‘Cool Down’ version - Video)

Cool Down Version - Basement Yard Recordings 2017

CASYM Steel Orchestra - “Far From Finished” - (‘Cool Down’ version)

Brooklyn, New York, USA - Captured “live” at CASYM’s East Flatbush, Brooklyn Pan Yard days before what was supposed to have been the New York 2017 Panorama competition.  The selection is “Far From Finished,” arranged by Kendall Williams. This is a “cool down” version.

Web Posted - Friday August 13, 2021
When Steel Talks Reboot

Meet the late Mikey Enoch - Pioneer, Renowned Pan Maker and Tuner

Mikey Enoch

Global - ....In 1962, Mikey Enoch migrated to the USA, playing and learning from the famous Ellie Mannette, etc. Having perfected his craft as a professional steelband tuner, player and arranger, Enoch's talents took him to countries such as Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and all over the United States. He was instrumental in forming Despers USA and was one of the best known tuners in the USA.

Web Posted - Wednesday August 11, 2021
When Steel Talks

Breaking my silence - Gerard Mendez, Treasurer Pan Trinbago


Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - .... she [Sandra Blood] wrote “Pan Trinbago was able to secure a new accommodation at 37 Duke Street West with Ramsey-Moore successfully negotiating first year rent-free occupancy”. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Lies... Damn Lies... The truth is that the Duke Street Headquarters of Pan Trinbago was secured through the efforts of mainly Dane Gulston, together with Gerard Mendez and Carlan Harewood. In fact the President was not present, and had no involvement in the successful negotiations that secured the accommodation of the Pan Trinbago head office. At that time, the President was at her home in Tobago.

Web Posted - Wednesday May 11, 2021
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International Pan Ramajay Postponed Until 2022

International Pan Ramajay Cancelled Until 2022

Global - Out of an abundance of caution Republic Bank Exodus Steel Orchestra postpones the 2021 International Pan Ramajay until 2022 - Let Us All Be Safe...

Web Posted - Monday August 9, 2021
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Desperadoes Steel Orchestra - “Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing” | Clive Bradley - Arranger

Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing - Desperadoes Steel Orchestra

Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - This performance is part of The Four Pillars Of Steel program held at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on July 2, 2011

Web Posted - Thursday August 5, 2021
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A Not-So-Brief History of the United States Navy Steel Band

by Skip Poole

Global - “I have been asked by When Steel Talks to write a history of the Navy Steel Band during my tenure as the Leader.”

....On average we performed about 500 gigs per year, which was around 55 concerts or social events per month. We received requests from throughout the United States and the Caribbean, with a bulk of the performances being in the Continental U.S.

....Duty with the Navy Steel Band was a very unique opportunity, there was no other US Military Band like it, and probably no other military steel band anywhere (expect possibly in the Caribbean). To me this was one of my favorite tours of duty.

“In my Navy career I went on to several other bands serving as leader, but the Navy Steel Band was my first band as leader and the most demanding and exciting!”

Web Posted - Tuesday August 3, 2021
When Steel Talks

Pan Trinbago Vice President Carlan Harewood Resigns

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Carlan Harewood, vice president of Pan Trinbago, has tendered his resignation to Beverley Ramsey-Moore, the organization′s president. In his publicly-circulated letter dated August 3, 2021 Harewood expressed and detailed overall dissatisfaction with Ramsey-Moore′s tenure.

“....My decision to step aside at this time is being done with a heavy heart. I can no longer remain part of an administration that has failed, and where my skills and abilities are not valued. Having served under these difficult times and with an unshakable resolve to work towards improving our organization, moving on at this time is the right decision.”

Web Posted - Monday August 2, 2021

Local steel orchestra and its ‘De Panyard’ inspire underserved communities

Mosaic Steel Orchestra
Mosaic Steel Orchestra

Norfolk, Virginia, USA - A Hampton Roads organization, Mosaic Steel Orchestra, is working to bring music to underserved communities.

....director and founder Dr. Anthony Hailey fell in love with the instrument after seeing the US Navy Steel Band in college and many of his students also fell in love after hearing the drums for the first time.

Web Posted - Sunday August 1, 2021
Trinidad Express Newspapers

“...that sounds like steelband judging to me. But say what, she did us proud.” Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley...

Michelle-Lee Ahye, center
Michelle-Lee Ahye, at center

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - “I am a little bit disappointed that Michelle didn’t get into the final but when you didn’t get in by thousandth of a second, that sounds like steelband judging to me. But say what, she did us proud.” Prime Minister Dr. Keith Rowley.

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