Web Posted - Tuesday August 24, 2021
When Steel Talks

The Silence of the Nights -- The Government′s ʽNaive Assumptions′ About Despers Pan Theatre

by Martin Daly

Photo: The Desperadoes Steel Orchestra perform at the sod turning of the Desperadoes Pan Theatre on 17 August 2021. (Copyright Ministry of Tourism, Culture and the Arts)
Desperadoes Steel Orchestra

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - ....In the course of my sorrow, I have attempted again to remind our disrespectful rulers and moneyed elites—as well as the Anthony Watkins-led committee on community recovery—what promotion of our performing arts can do to revitalise and diversify the economy, with practical suggestions for the use of the performing arts to earn money and to assist in winning a peace dividend within troubled communities.

....I know that many of our rulers and elites are blind to the true possibilities. As pleased as I am that Desperadoes will get a new pan theatre, I am certain that the underlying and persistent lack of understanding of the true capabilities of Despers and so many other cultural practitioners will not be cured by last week’s sod turning for the new Despers pan theatre or the completion of the project.