Web Posted - Monday September 6, 2021
When Steel Talks

Meet Gregory Lindsay - Manager, Administrator, Panist - UpClose!

A When Steel Talks Exclusive

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - “In my opinion, they are not represented as well as they ought to be. There is no Musician's Union in this Republic, even though there are prominent examples in other jurisdictions. Accordingly, players are always left hanging out to dry; then, orchestras - unsponsored single pan, to large [orchestras]. The buck stops at the office of the President of Pan Trinbago.” –– Gregory Lindsay

“Shut-up and play yur pan” is not part of his DNA.  Whether you love him or hate him - there is no doubt that he is one of ʽthe straws that stir the drink.’ Furthermore, he is clearly quite comfortable in all three classes of the republic - Workers, Warriors and/or Philosopher Kings.