Web Posted - Wednesday April 28, 2021
When Steel Talks

Remembering the legendary steelband leader George “Sonny” Goddard on his Birthday

Remembering leader, author, organizer, activist, historian and Hummingbird Gold Medal awardee - the late George “Sonny” Goddard on his birthday, April 28.

Steelband performers in Trinidad and Tobago (steeldrum’s birthplace) since 1950, have been represented by three organizations: the Steelbands Association, the National Association of Trinidad and Tobago Steelbandsmen (NATTS), and (now) Pan Trinbago.

One man served as the head of all three. George “Sonny” Goddard (1924-1988).

He is the only president of any of the three organizations to be re-elected to the post, not once, but (at least) ten times!

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