Web Posted - Wednesday December 30, 2020
When Steel Talks Reboot

Andre Moses pays tribute to Nervin “Teach” Saunders, Educator & Steelband Arranger

An opinion - by Andre Moses

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - “Today, after a lifetime of committed and significantly impactful service to the steelband and to teaching, we bid farewell to our elder, colleague, mentor, teacher and exemplar. Nervin ‘Teach’ Saunders, we salute your selfless contribution and we promise to continue to work and walk in your inspiring footsteps..”. - Andre Moses.

“Nervin “Teach” Saunders Was A “Good one” if is There Ever Was One...

“I first met Nervin “Teach” Saunders approximately 40 years ago. I was at the beginning of my teaching career and was assigned to St Augustine Secondary, and Teach was an Agricultural Science teacher there.”