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Ralph MacDonald and Robert Greenidge - Moods of Pan 2008

A WST Exclusive

Ralph MacDonald (center) at Moods of Pan Festival 2008
Ralph MacDonald (center) at Moods of Pan Festival 2008

Antigua & Barbuda, W.I. - Multiple Grammy award-winning producer, song writer and performing artist Ralph MacDonald came to the beautiful Caribbean island of Antigua, sister isle of Barbuda - to have some fun. What was also very apparent from the onset was that the people of Antigua were in for a very special treat. Ralph MacDonald brought his A-team to town - and they were not about to take any prisoners.

....Panist extraordinaire Robert Greenidge shared the stage with MacDonald; the spotlight bouncing off the chrome of Greenidge’s double seconds, the rays seeming to hit every point on Deanery Grounds, the Moods of Pan venue - and bathing the instrument in an ethereal glow. Indeed, Robert’s grace and what appears as an effortless command of the instrument often conceals the depth of his musicianship. Robert Greenidge is one of the best players to have ever honored the instrument.