Web Posted - Sunday January 3, 2021
When Steel Talks Reboot

Jit - The One And Only

by Dalton Narine

Global - Just a single name encapsulates this slight man, what he became and the huge legacy he left pan and country.

Imagine a shy East Indian panman/arranger from Surrey, Lopinot, not your ordinary panist at all, being called upon by Renegades, a steelband from round the bridge, to arrange its music. Particularly Panorama fare.

This is a man who went on to win nine Panorama titles in 16 years. To understand the relevance of that milestone, Desperadoes celebrated 10 Panorama wins among three arrangers. If anybody in the world of Panoramania understood the depth of one’s respect for his peers, it is the triumvirate crew of Beverly Griffith, Robert Greenidge and Clive Bradley.