Web Posted - Friday November 5, 2021
When Steel Talks - Exclusive - Reboot

A Chat With Clive Bradley - Master Arranger, Composer, Producer - Up-Close!

An exclusive 2000 interview with the late great steelpan music arranger Clive Bradley

The late Master Arranger, Composer, Producer - Clive Bradley

Global - Over the course of approximately a little over two decades, members of WST (When Steel Talks) interacted closely with the late Clive Bradley in various capacities - i.e., musicians, players, engineers and journalists. The following is one of a series of WST interviews with Clive Bradley that gives further and deeper insight into the man, his life and his music.

In this exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - musician, writer, composer and arranger Clive Bradley shares some personal philosophies, experiences, thoughts on the pan, music and the human condition.