Web Posted - Thursday November 11, 2021
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To Hell and Back to Pan

Veterans Day Embraces 2 Trinis who served in Vietnam and elsewhere

Dalton Narine with Catelli Trinidad All Stars on Carnival Tuesday on the way to the Savannah

Global - ....Veterans Day is officially observed on November 11.  So, it’s the memory of the Vietnam War and how Gerry and I both fought it as soldiers of the First Infantry Division (The Big Red One).

....It has been 50 years, and only now we reminisce about our experiences. We can jumpstart and even further improve our goal to satisfy readers’ interest in what we have to say about our sprawling commentary on Pan in the early period of the Behind the Bridge story of our experiences prior to our migration to the United States.

....For me, the war will never be in remission. It’s an indelible tattoo on my mind. I spent eight days in a hospital upon my return home from the war.

....They had me recuperating at the US Naval Base in Chaguaramas. There, I was fed more Thorazine. 

The Brass gave me a break and I stumbled through Port of Spain, where I reconnected with Neville Jules and Leon “Smooth” Edwards at the Henry Street panyard.

They saved my ass. Jules thought I was a vagrant.  You drunk? No.  Looks like you on drugs?  Ain’t no dope I ever smoked, you know that, CAP.  Never smoked.  Thorazine, courtesy of the Military Base.