Web Posted - Tuesday September 14, 2021
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Looking back:  Mack Scott Pays Tribute to Sonatas’ Champion Arranger Ken “Professor” Philmore

“We had a gem, a star in the making, such love and passion for the pan”

Ken “Professor” Philmore
Ken “Professor” Philmore

Brooklyn, New York, USA - “Myself and a couple of friends were in Trinidad for Carnival in 1982 and we were told of this young man who played with Fonclaire and was very good, but they won’t give him a chance to arrange. At that time we were looking for someone to arrange for Sonatas, because we had won [New York] Panorama in ‘81 but had to get rid of that arranger because he got too greedy.

....“We met this young guy Ken Philmore, and he told us we have to come to his home and ask his parents which we did. I had to promise them that we would take good care of him; I told them not to worry he would be taken care of.”