Web Posted - Monday March 29, 2021
When Steel Talks - Reboot

Meet Dr. Miho Takekawa - Seattle, Washington

Celebration of Women and the Steelpan Art Form

Dr. Miho Takekawa

Seattle, Washington, USA - “When I heard Ray Holman play on the double-seconds, I could not believe my senses. This was clearly beyond what any words could express.”

“....I start from the origin of the country, just to make certain they know that pans are not originally from Jamaica nor Hawaii.”

From the age of three, music has been her life. She is a musician, arranger, educator, director, percussionist, panist, performing artist and much more. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks - Dr. Miho Takekawa shares her reflections, experiences and views on Pan, and the steelpan art form overall.